We want you enjoy your fully travel and live the fullest, resting when required and coexisting in harmony. Here are 8 things that experts recommend avoiding do in a hotel.

1. MUCH NOISE. The hotel walls are usually very thin so everything or almost everything that you do hear those next door. Be considerate and avoid excessive noise in conversations and privacy. Remember that the hotels are public spaces and rooms are not for the “After Party”. Relax and let rest.

2. THE MINIBAR. If you take something from the mini bar, do not try to replace it with a product bought on the street to come out cheaper.

3. DO NOT TAKE WHAT IS NOT YOURS. If, pillows, bathrobes, blankets, linens and decor are onsite, many tend to pack something in the suitcase. Do not be surprised if in your credit card you are charge the value of an item when you’re back. You can take the jars of shampoo and other amenities.

4. THE EXTRA GUESTS. The guest has the right to enter some companions for a considerable time, which must register at reception. If the guest spends the night with you, you will charge.

5. FOLLOW THE RULES. For more friendly that be in the hotel, note that it is not your home. Do not smoke in the rooms or common areas of the hotel, they can generate extra payment for smoking in prohibited areas.

6. HAVE DIGNITY. Some people think that because they can pay can do what they want. So they move in light clothing for the hotel, leave greasy dishes or trays with unpleasant and odorous food scraps on the floor outside the room.

7. PAY EXTRA SERVICES. In hotels there will always be things that are not included. Everything that is not in your rate, must be taken and canceled.

8. ABUSE. The hotel staff is to your service, so treat it well, with respect and gratitude, nothing worse than a perpetrator and superb host. And although the waitresses work of fixing your room, be considerate and do not leave them much clutter and things on the floor.

The worst and best guests.

A survey by Expedia site, with 4,500 hotels worldwide, concluded that the French are the worst guests. Best guests are Japanese.

Source: del TIEMPO Revista Viajar.

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